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Privacy Policy

Here's the skinny...  


I collect the personal information that you provide, namely, your first name and email address, in order to deliver the Finer newsletter to you.  By signing up (on this website or another landing page), you consent to receive those communications.

You will receive one newsletter every other week and will be able to unsubscribe at any time, for any reason... no questions asked.

I don't share or sell your information.  I do use a third-party service (Convert Kit) to send out my newsletter and manage my mailing list.  Their privacy policy can be read here.

My goal is to bring you great content that helps improve your life.  If you still have questions about how I use your information, scroll below for more details.

The 'Finer' Print

The 'Finer' newsletter is a pet project of Donkey Kick Creative, LLC.

The option to unsubscribe will be included in every issue.  When you unsubscribe, you will stop receiving communications from me.  Your information will not be automatically deleted from my database but will be deleted during the next 'scrub.'  In no case will your information be kept longer than one year after you unsubscribe or after you last opened an issue of Finer.  If you wish to have your information deleted from the database immediately, simply email me at and say so.

Information you submit to subscribe to my newsletter will be stored outside the European Economic Area on my third-party mailing list manager's servers in the United States.  For further information about the safeguards used, and the full legalese... keep scrolling.

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